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DeborDr Deborah Hipp looking at hands holding gemstonesah is our family doctor and has treated myself, my young daughter, and my husband for an array of health issues. She is an exceptional acupuncturist and all-around alternative health care provider. She treats the whole person, and in our case, the whole family unit, with love and wellsprings of high vibrational energy.

The healing work I receive at KayaKalp includes traditional Chinese medicine, energy medicine, gemstone healing, nutritional guidance & herbal support. This holistic approach supports my ability to live well & vibrantly without pharmaceuticals.

If you are looking for thorough, full-spectrum support for living vibrantly with real health concerns & challenges, I recommend the offerings at KayaKalp. We will continue to work with Deborah as our primary family doctor for the rest of our lives! We thank heavens we found her & that she loves to work with us on such a deep, long-term level. For me, this is true health care in its highest expression. Deborah is truly a skilled and exceptional healer- she's our guardian angel! ~ Baraka Elihu, MA PSY, LPC; Womanspace, Athens, GA

My childbearing years were a beautiful blur of pregnancy, sleeplessness, and breastfeeding. When I found myself on the other side of those years, I was a stay-at-home mom with anxiety and low energy. I felt depleted daily. I was slow to start my busy days, slugging coffee, and grabbing parts of meals when I could among the flurry of toddler activity. I wanted to be at my best for my kids, so I turned to Dr. Deb.

When I enter KayaKalp, a feeling of wellness envelopes me. Dr. Deb is warm, welcoming, kind, and calming. I trust how she uses her intuition and training to deliver gentle treatments that nurture the symbiotic relationship of mind, body, and spirit.

My anxiety is now a memory. I spend my days enjoying my family instead of worrying about everything. I have enough energy to outrun my “to do” list every day. I have started making art again, craving healthier foods, and I wake up feeling fully charged. I have my vitality back!

Dr. Deb is respected and adored by her clients. She is a wise and fiercely passionate healer. Each treatment at KayaKalp is like a hug that soothes, comforts, and heals. I have endless respect for Dr. Deb and the sacred work she does!" ~
Buffy Wennersten, M.Ed., Ed.S; Athens, GA

I learned about Dr. Deb from family members who sang her praises at every opportunity, and they recommended strongly that I see her. Though I had received limited acupuncture treatment in the past and I felt it truly worked, I was a little hesitant, but my family persisted. I am so happy I changed my mind. The range of maladies we have addressed is wide: from sleeplessness to sinuses. I have now seen Dr. Deb for several months, and could not recommend her more highly. But while her skills as a caregiver are impressive, the genuinely compassionate way in which she provides that care is harder to capture, but just as important. In essence, I believe I benefit from her treatment in two parallel ways each time I see her: from both the acupuncture itself, but just as importantly, from the powerfully caring mindset from which she delivers that care. I have told my family more than once that just being around Dr. Deb--her character, energy, and zeal for my health--is a treatment in and of itself. pink flower on bamboo with acupuncture needles on black rockShe is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. ~P. Daniel Silk, PhD

Dr. Deb is an amazing healer. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she is also incredibly intuitive; she is always able to “tap in” and know exactly what I need. Dr. Deb started treating me when I was undergoing chemotherapy treatments for stage 3-breast cancer. She was seeing me on Thursdays, and Thursday quickly became my favorite day because I knew I would get relief from my discomfort and I would receive calmness, not only from Dr. Deb’s treatments, but also from her very calming, loving energy.

I have a fear of needles, so at first she only used needle-less Shonishin technique, but after a couple of weeks she asked if she could “needle” me and I said, “Sure; I trust you.” Her kind, sweet, calming nature had instilled such trust that I truly was not afraid of the needles at all! She is also amazing because she incorporates essential oils, gemstones, supplements, nutrition, energy work and chakra balancing in her care and treatment of her patients and she is very knowledgeable about all of those healing modalities as well.

I am absolutely certain that one of the reasons that I am doing so well after enduring chemo, surgery and radiation is because of all the amazing care I received from Dr. Deb of KayaKalp Acupuncture. I am so very fortunate to be in her care and I highly recommend her to everyone who wants increased health and healing in their lives. ~ N.C. McGimsey

Deborah has been a lifesaver for me. I have been under her care for several months now and each time I go, I feel so much better. I have chronic pain syndrome and failed back surgery, in addition to depression, and without Deb's help, I believe I would have given up. I would highly recommend KayaKalp to anyone. Deborah’s compassion, knowledge and overall gift for healing is astonishing. ~ Teri Carper; Buford, GA

blooming pink flowerFrom the first day that Dr. Deb walked through the door of my wellness center, I have been blessed. I shared with her my severe menopause symptoms. I also told her I was a survivor of Melanoma stage 3 and feared going on hormones for the symptoms but I felt like I was burning up inside. She was concerned about my health and the “heat” in my body.

Within several acupuncture sessions, my menopause symptoms had calmed greatly and continue to improve. “I’m cool now!” Running a business has it rewards but also causes stress over the day-to-day happenings. Dr. Deb has assisted me tremendously in sessions by introducing me to the calm state that my body “should” hold in the day-to-day operations of my practice and my life. A lot of time stress causes fatigue. As Dr. Hipp and I worked together, she informed me that my adrenals were depleted. I was amazed at the difference one session made in my energy level! I love it!

I recognize without a doubt if you work with Dr. Deb you will experience a calm healing that will flow over into your everyday life for Dr. Deborah Hipp is a gentle soul and her healing compassion touches everyone she meets. ~
Teresa Ducoffe; Owner, Atlanta Colonic & Massage; Alpharetta, GA

I was weighed down with physical and mental fatigue, stress and anxiety that came with caregiving for my partner through her long-term illness. Dr. Deborah Hipp through combined acupuncture, herbal and chakra work helped restore my balance, stamina, and inner strength needed to better care for both of us through all phases of my partners’ treatment. She is exceptional in every respect and her modalities made a world of difference in my world. I highly recommend to anyone caregiving for a loved one or needing care for yourself that you talk with Dr. Deborah Hipp at KayaKalp. I remain eternally grateful for her care on this journey. ~ Sherri Staff; Cumming, GA

I have been seeing Deborah for the past four months and have had some significant healings from a combination of her acupuncture, chakra healing, gemstone medicine, nutrition suggestions and most of all her loving, gentle manner. During and after each session I have sensed an increase in the energy flow in my body. She is always interested in working closely with input from other practitioners. This holistic approach of balancing eastern and western medicine is important to me.

Initially, I came to Deborah with the arthritis in my wrist and hands being my top concern. They would ache much of the time. Now, I only occasionally experience any arthritic pain. Several days before a scheduled appointment I had a fall and a large hematoma formed on my hip. Deborah immediately gave this attention along with my arthritis and other concerns. Two days after a treatment the hematoma had significantly decreased in size.

Once I asked Deborah if she had any suggestion for avoiding drinking coffee and she told me about using the gemstone poppy jasper. Wearing a poppy jasper necklace has a wonderful energizing effect on me without the need for caffeine. Since then I have tried a variety of other gemstones and have been impressed with their healing energy. I have come to treasure gemstones realizing they are nourishing my body, mind and spirit.

From my experience of seeing Deborah, I realize that no matter what my health or nutritional concern is that I can share it with Deborah. The many modalities she utilizes provide very comprehensive care. In addition, she has also encouraged me to rely more on my own intuition, which I have found is important to incorporate as part of my own responsibility for my health. I am so grateful that I have found such a skilled and compassionate soul as my health care provider. ~
Jane Shank; Watkinsville, GA, retired educator

I have no doubt Dr. Deborah was introduced into my life at perfect timing. Although I knew next to nothing of Chinese Medicine or acupuncture, a dear friend referred me to Dr. Deborah Hipp, after receiving a terminal diagnosis.

I am a healthy 61 year old who has lived with a chronic disease for 30 years six gemstones in white crocheted holdersnow. Recently diagnosed with yet another serious inoperable disease (at this time, the specialist says he is not 100% sure) but would not do surgery...So I walked away feeling confused, sad and unsure of what steps to take next. I have a family who is very supportive and counts on me to make the right decisions. I admit I have been caught up in the world of Western Medicine, but not to the extent, I believe every single word they say. I had MRI's and labs done every 3-4 mo. for about 14 years. I have also been involved with Holistic Medicine for about 10 years. I actually thought I was doing quite well due to the circumstances. What I have noticed for many years is that my life had become a waiting game, which can cause a lot of anxious thoughts. The fatigue, tiredness, irritation and many other feelings let me know it was not as well as I wished. What to do now???

Well, I made an appointment with the most amazing Doctor and she ("Dr. Deb") has literally changed my life! She is such a blessing in so many ways and very thorough. She loves what she does and it shows. I have seen her nine times, after the first visit I could tell a big difference. Her treatments and encouragement have changed the way I think and feel. I have better clarity in making decisions; I am less confused, not as easily irritated, I have so much more energy. To me, this is HUGE!! I do not look at life as a waiting game or the "what if's" anymore. I think about living, feeling well, and being thankful. Life is full of miracles and I have found one at KayaKalp Acupuncture. This is a start to what I hope to be long relationship with a wonderful health provider. Thank you Dr. Deborah for making a difference in my life. ~ Barbara Collins; Atlanta, GA

KayaKalp is much more than an acupuncture practice. It is a space of deep healing. Deborah Hipp, not only has the professional knowledge of acupuncture practice, but also the wisdom and heart of service needed for a deep connection with her patients. I have experienced wellness in my body and mind at KayaKalp. My health keeps getting better and better! I am grateful! ~ PP

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