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I cannot say enough about Dr. Deb’s practice. She has worked with me over the past almost 2 years. When I first came in, it was to help me create some balance in my system, hormonally, as I am middle aged and looking to stay healthy and fit as I grow older. I couldn’t have predicted that I would end up in a more dire situation only months after our first meeting, from an unexpected disturbance in my life. Looking back now, I am so grateful that I had already began to work with Dr. Deb, because she may have literally saved my life when this happened. She was right there and worked on this crisis, staying committed all the way through. I am moved beyond words to say that I am finally restored (and now back to maintaining balance;) and forever grateful for Dr Deb’s medicine. If I try to say what makes her so exemplary, I am sure there are things beyond my understanding to explain it. But I can say that her expertise is unparalleled, that her calm and present bedside manner is soothing, and that her clear professionalism creates such a safe space. And her office, of course her office (💕) is therapeutic just to walk into. Dr. Deb just has her own unique, signature holistic approach to the the healing she provides. If you are lucky enough to get included in her schedule, don’t hesitate!~ H.Johnson

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Hipp. She has helped me with so many health issues. I initially came to her after major surgery six years ago. I had to have two blood transfusions and for some reason my iron levels were still low and I was feeling awful. She was able to help me with this and really helped me regain my health after surgery.
I continued to see her for general health maintenance. I was able to get off all prescription medicine and still do not need or take anything other than the supplements she recommends to me ( this was done with her help and the advice of my medical doctor.)

Fast forward to today and she has greatly helped me with symptoms of peri-menopause (and was a saint about it too. I swear I was certain nobody has ever dealt with this and it was worse for me than anyone else in the world 😂.) My medical doctor at my last checkup asked me about menopause and how I was doing, and I told him I was doing regular acupuncture and supplements from her. He said it was one of the best treatments available for menopause and to continue to do it.

Lastly, Dr. Hipp is a kind and compassionate person. I always look forward to my visits because she’s such a caring a loving person. I will forever be grateful to her for taking such excellent take of me. ~ S.Weaver

Dr. Deb is knowledgeable, nurturing, and takes care to explain everything she does thoroughly. She is very skilled at taking a holistic view of things, and, perhaps most importantly, is an excellent listener. She really focuses on patient comfort, and her offices are warmly welcoming. Her deep knowledge and continued curiosity about acupuncture are as inspiring as her kindness. I find her treatments to be profoundly effective, for example, the frequency of my migraines has plummeted, just one of the many ways she has helped me. I always leave my appointments with practical suggestions for self care, which I really appreciate because we could all use reminders there! I can not recommend her enough! All the stars!
Get on her wait list, Future You will thank you. ~ A. Bramblett

Dr Deb is a true healer. I will be forever grateful for the healing she brought to my daughter when we had exhausted Western medical options. My family sees Dr Deb regularly and each of us are grateful to have found such wonderful care. Dr Deb has a way of making you feel as if you are her only patient. ~S. Gamble

So much gratitude, skilled, intuitive, presence—thank you for sharing your gifts.
🙏🏽💜💜💜💜💜 ~ D. Fredo

Dr. Deb is the most loving, compassionate healthcare provider I have had the good fortune to know. She is an expert acupuncturist and so very knowledgeable in the use of ancient Chinese medicine. Dr. Deb combines who she is, with what her mind, heart and hands tell her, to minimizes suffering and promote wellness for those in her loving care. She truly makes herself completely available, in every way (she shares what she thinks and then encourages and supports a person to make the best decision they can for themselves, she offers convenient scheduling, easy access to adjunct therapies/supplements, personal reminders, personal follow up, easy access, responds to text in less than no time, coordinates care with other providers on the persons team). The processes she has implemented to protect herself and those in her care from exposure to Covid 19 is exemplary. Schedule without reservation (even if you have to wait a little while...get on the schedule, all appointments after the initial are given preference). Everyone deserves Dr. Deb, as a therapeutic guide, in the pursuit of health and well-being.~ S. Phillips

I recommend to anyone to come and get a Dr Deb experience! She is amazing!!! ~ Barbara Collins

I have a very special relationship with Dr. Deborah Hipp, whom I began to see in 2016 when I was diagnosed with a specific illness. She is extremely smart, skillful, and warm. I have needed her to be kind and wholesome and caring; but I have also needed her to be competent, and she has not let me down. My big goal has always been to remain healthy enough not to have to take medication or begin chemotherapy. After 4 years I am still chugging along-medication free and feeling well. Dr. Deb developed a protocol for me, which has helped enormously. When my absolute neutrophil count has dropped, she has been there. If I am not mistaken, there are actually marrow points that she has stimulated. On my last visit to Emory Winship this last August, I had the most robust absolute neutrophil count I have had since I was diagnosed (from a low of ANC=350 to a high of ANC= 1,150 in August). I really don’t know how to write a review that is good enough for Dr. Deb. She has helped me through a precarious situation where the stakes have been high. And, on top of everything else, she is fun. ~ A. Reynolds

I’ve never had acupuncture done before and I can honestly say it was life changing! I’m 38 weeks pregnant and am going for a natural induction since my practice wants to induce at 39 weeks. Deborah is absolutely incredible and the entire experience was incredible! I can honestly say I have never felt more relaxed or refreshed - and I’ve been to several massage sessions! I can’t wait to see how this impacts my labor and birth! ~ Brittany Clark

I first went to Dr. Deb to help me quit smoking after a 30-year love affair with cigarettes. Three yearslavender wooden scoop acupuncture needles metal ring later, I haven't had one single puff or relapse! And would you believe I don't even miss my old "friends?" Now I go every 6-weeks or so for general health treatments and always leave feeling replenished, balanced and grateful. Last week at my already scheduled appointment, I happened to mention the atopic dermatitis (eczema) I had recently developed on my hands, likely due to stress and overwork. My primary care physician had prescribed a tube of nonsteroidal ointment that did not seem to make much difference after a month of use. It is now 4 DAYS after Dr. Deb's treatment and my rash; itching and painful blisters are GONE. Completely gone! I cannot recommend KayaKalp highly enough. Dr. Deb is a skilled, expert and gifted practitioner. If you have been curious about the benefits and effectiveness of acupuncture or Chinese medicine, this is the place to go. Five stars! ~ Christine

I began going to see Dr. Deb after a full year of only sleeping 1-3 hours at a time after my son was born. I was completely falling apart. I was anxious, depressed, heavy feeling, very short on patience and desperately needed a change. I am a person that usually tries everything before medicine and she was my last hope before trying anti-depressants or some sort of regiment. Dr. Deb listens to everything that is going on with you and understands and empathizes in a way that has you feel safe, heard, and hopeful. I swear acupuncture is the thing that got me through that next year and a half of 1-3 hour stretches of sleep. I felt WAY more at peace, had energy, patience, felt grounded and came out of my fog and darkness. I've been seeing Dr. Deb for 3 years now for any issues that come up for me. I am consistently amazed at what acupuncture does for the body and mind. Dr. Deb is intuitive, kind, nurturing, understanding, and very knowledgable. I trust her 100% with my health and well-being. If you are having sleep issues, anxiety, depression, aches and pains, are trying to get pregnant, are looking to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy, are healing postpartum, feel bloated, feel off balance, or have any other thing going on, go see this woman. She is amazing at what she does, and acupuncture really works! ~ Natalie Sojka

Dr. Deb at KayaKalp Acupuncture is truly second to none. She is genuinely caring and skilled. Her philosophy is to treat to whole person and not just symptoms that one may be experiencing. She has helped me in my postpartum healing journey to realign my body, restore, and renew my energy. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this self-care. Dr. Deb exudes passion in her practice and is gifted at giving loving care that is healing to the spirit. I have had improved effects on my blood pressure and stress management due to her care. If you are debating whether or not to try acupuncture, I overwhelming encourage you to try it. There is no better place to start your healing process than with Dr. Deb Hipp at KayaKalp. You will be blessed by each experience. ~ Caree Jackson

Dr. Deb is so intuitive and such an expertise! It is pure bliss to lay on her table! ~
Teresa Worthy Howard

acupuncture needles on brown shells with pink and purple flowerDr. Hipp was recommended to me in 2017 by my acupuncturist in Chattanooga and I have been scheduling with her ever since. My main focus for visits usually are for well-being balance & female symptoms. However, my treatment request the week before Christmas brought a surprise I was not expecting. Well, first things first, a surprise ski trip to Colorado for Christmas week was given to me & go figure out of the blue my hip started to ache to the point it was very uncomfortable to walk let alone get on a plane to go ski! As usual, Dr. Deb knew exactly how to "fill my tank" as she puts it and target whatever was ailing my hip. At first I thought, there's no way my hip will heal enough for me to enjoy my trip. Boy was I wrong, in fact I could not believe a day after treatment that I even had an issue with my pain or ache at all! Needless to say, my Christmas holiday couldn't have been more picture perfect!! If you are looking for a healer with intuitive bedside manner, I highly recommend Dr. Hipp! ~ Charline Orozco

I feel blessed to have found Dr. Deb at KayaKalp Acupuncture. She is a wonder worker. I have several chronic illnesses, an immune issue, and am under stress as a caregiver. Since going to Dr. Deb, my health has steadily improved. I have not had as many infections as I usually get, and I have had more energy. Dr. Deb is very knowledgeable, but she wears her learning lightly, and has a warm and gentle spirit. I could not recommend her more highly. ~ Sara Baker

A caring heart-centered professional!~ Mark Travers

Acupuncture has been such a rewarding self-care practice and especially uplifting having experienced it through Dr. Deb's expertise. Although her practice has seen me through several seasons of life, I am forever grateful for what it has offered in pregnancy. The honoring of the pregnancy process was supported in many ways with the most profound occurring at 38 weeks when I found myself immersed in severe symptoms of pelvic nerve pain that halted my active lifestyle. Deb took precise action and we immediately reduced the issue within one session. Symptoms have stayed at bay since. Deb is a compassionate, fearless advocate for your wellness and you would be blessed to know her work. ~ Kimberly Bradley

Dr. Deb is AMAZING! I contacted her as my baby was breeched and at 38 weeks pregnant, she was my only option. She was able to see me the very next day and worked her magic. I was very hopeful that the acupuncture she performed would work. She was great at listening to all my concerns and she really took her time with me. After just one visit with her my baby is now head down! Thank you so much Dr. Deb!!!~ Anjanette 'Smith' RussellPink flower on bamboo with acupuncture needles on black rock

Dr. Deb is a sweet, wonderful, caring soul! I feel so amazing when I leave her office! She goes above and beyond to care for you! I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. ~ Kirsten Williams

I've had about 4 treatments now and feel 100% better than I did before I went. Two months ago, I had trouble sleeping, waking at least once during the night and unable to go back to sleep for hours. Now I am sleeping through the night and awaken feeling refreshed. My acid reflux is going away and I just feel so much healthier. Dr. Deb is just incredible. ~ Judy Stanton

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