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anxiety & panic attacks



eating disorders 

"I was amazed at the difference one session made in my energy level! I love it!"
                                                                              Teresa Ducoffe; Alpharetta, GA

"My anxiety is now a memory. I spend my days enjoying my family instead of worrying about everything. I have enough energy to outrun my “to do” list everyday. I have started making art again, craving healthier foods, and I wake up feeling fully charged. I have my vitality back!"
                                                        Buffy Wennersten, M.Ed., Ed.S; Athens, GA

"I was weighed down with physical and mental fatigue, stress and anxiety that came with caregiving for my partner through her long term illness. Dr. Deborah Hipp through combined acupuncture, herbal and chakra work helped restore my balance and stamina and inner strength needed to better care for both of us through all phases of my partners treatment."
                                                                                        Sherri Staff; Cumming, GA

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Dr. Deborah Hipp, PhD, LAc


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