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I have been hands holding gemstonesseeing Dr. Deb for a year and a half, and I have gone from having PTSD to having a life of increased energy, emotional stability, and physical well-being. I knew it was going to take a while to come out of where I was, and her nurturing, loving spirit was just the tonic I needed. As others have said, she has a wide range of knowledge and she bridges Western and Eastern medicine with ease. I am one of those people who always want to know the "why" behind things, and she can always explain her approach in a clear manner. We are truly blessed to have her in our community! ~ Mutts Forever

Dr. Deb is a wise woman, an open-hearted healer, and a gentle ally. She has literally transformed the way I function on a daily basis. Not only has she cured low back and hip pain in just one session, she is constantly giving the treatments my body needs on a subtle level to maintain optimum health and wellness. Her knowledge and care extends to the relationship she develops with her patients and truly wants each of person to THRIVE. ~T. TenEyck

I am happy to have a chance, once again, to make art. Two professional people recommended Dr. Deb of KayaKalp Acupuncture, when I was feeling lost. My digestive system; upper and lower was not working well and processing food was painful. In addition, sleep was difficult, as was decision making. KayaKalp Acupuncture is not your typical bandaid, pill and out the door place. It is truly a Sanctuary with an expansive alphabet. Dr. Deb with acupuncture skills, nutritional knowledge and mysteries guided me back to living energy. Healing of KayaKalp is done with compassion and wisdom by a person standing in living energy. Yes, Dr. Deb's work is recommended.  ~C. Montague

When I was at the end of the traditional healthcare line, Dr. Deb gave me hope and a new approach that was just what we needed. I will forever be grateful to KayaKalp and the gifts of Dr. Deb.  ~ M. Keeton-Digby

Da' BEEEEEESSSSSSST. Dr. Deb is amazing. I cannot even Moxa stick two black rocks and acupuncture needlessay in words how gifted this healer is. Everything about her work, right down to the beautiful and nurturing space of her office, is empowering, positive, love-filled and powerful medicine. Don't be deterred by her wait list--there's a reason for that :) ~ S. Ball

Words cannot describe! But I will try :-) Dr. Deb is an amazingly intuitive healer--she often knows what my body and mind need, and what might be going on in my life, before I tell her. She is incredibly attentive and caring and is very serious and dedicated to her job of allowing me to be (and feel) the best I can. I always leave sessions with her more knowledgeable about myself, and feeling unbelievably relaxed and more in tune with myself, my body, and my surroundings. The day after sessions I feel energized, confident, happy and calm all at the same time. Dr. Deb has made me feel the most like "me" than I've felt in years. I find myself counting down the days until my next session! When I first started with her she told me that we are "in this" together, and that I should always feel free to reach out to her with questions between sessions. I am so thankful to have her as a partner in the journey of life! ~ M. Canfield

Blue butterfly on blade of grassIt's a good day when I get to see Dr. Deb. I first came under her care when I had overextended myself as a caregiver. Since then, Dr. Deb has helped me through grief, insomnia, digestion issues and a host of other health concerns great and small. This is the patient/doctor relationship I had always hoped for. Whole body. Whole trust. Whole wellness. I am grateful beyond words for Dr. Deb and this space she created for our healing at KayaKalp. ~S.Staff

Dr. Deb is one amazing practitioner and energy! I am so happy that I found her and that she has become a part of my life. Her ability to tune in to my body and what it needs is remarkable. She has been able to relieve chronic neurological pain that I was having when no body else could! She is so gentle yet extremely effective in her ways of helping your body to heal itself and become stronger and more whole each day. She is a healer, a teacher, a friend... and I am so grateful for her gift that she has chosen to share with us all. I highly recommend her services! ~A.  Haupt

I feel truly blessed to have made my way to KayaKalp! Dr. Deb helped me to quickly recover from a miscarriage, physically and emotionally. I have never before experienced such a depth of care. The combination of her skill, knowledge and compassion makes Dr. Deb such an extraordinary practitioner. ~D. Blanton

Dr. Deb is always a fountain of love, peace, patience and knowledge. She has helped me tremendously before, through and after my last pregnancy. Her intuition and wisdom are one of a kind. Cannot be more grateful to have found her. I highly recommend her for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum care and everything in between. ~R. Nah

I have been blessed to find Dr. Deb for the treatment of chronic Migraine. Deborah's knowledge of accupuncture and holistic medicine has given me my life back! In just 6 months, I went from 16 migraine days to 4, came off some very serious medications, and my energy level soared. Dr. Deb is a very intuative, gentle soul. I look forward to my visits at Kayakalp black plate holding acupuncture needlesAccupuncture and always leave feeling centered and grounded thanks to the peaceful, loving practitioner and the atmosphere she has created. ~T. Favors

Dr. Deb is truly AMAZING ! I have suffered from psoriasis for most of my adult life. After only 4 sessions with Dr. Deb I finally feel hope for the first time in my life! She has educated me on acupuncture, as well as educated me on the importance of nutrition, self-care! She is one of a kind and such a blessing to our Athens community!!! ~S.Fuller

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