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women's health - KayaKalp Acupuncture in Athens, GAPMS & Menstrual Cramps/Pain

Hormonal Imbalances


Regulating Menstrual Cycle


PCOS & Uterine Fibroids

Peri- & Post-Menopause                                         


Deborah Hipp offers Acupuncture in Athens, GA

"If you are looking for thorough, full-spectrum support for living vibrantly with real health concerns & challenges, I recommend the offerings at KayaKalp."
Baraka Elihu, MA PSY, LPC; Womanspace, Athens

"Within several acupuncture sessions my menopause symptoms had calmed greatly and continue to improve." 
Teresa Ducoffe; Owner, Atlanta Colonic & Massage       

KayaKalp Acupuncture

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Dr. Deborah Hipp


2350 Prince Ave, Suite #9
Athens, GA 30606


women's health - KayaKalp Acupuncture in Athens, GA