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shonishin - KayaKalp Acupuncture in Athens, GASho-ni-shin is a Japanese pediatric needle-less technique that can be used safely and effectively newborns through 10 years of age.  Also, Shonishin is a great technique for anyone with fear of needles.

"I have a fear of needles, so at first Dr. Deb used needle-less Shonishin technique, but after a couple of weeks she asked if she could “needle” me and I said, “Sure; I trust you.” Her kind, sweet, calming nature had instilled such trust that I truly was not afraid of the needles at all!
                                            N.C. McGimsey; Cumming, GA

Deborah Hipp offers Acupuncture in Athens, GA

In Fall of 2012, Dr. Deb had the good fortune to travel to Dharamsala, India and participate in Dr. Soma's advanced 12-day sho-ni-shin training. Afternoons were happily spent treating women and children from the Tibetan community. 

KayaKalp Acupuncture offers safe, effective Acupuncture in Athens, GA

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