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kayakalp medicine

offering ancient medicine for today's family

Dr Deborah Hipp hugging childDr. Deb has spent over 30 years developing her intuitive energy medicine. Her treatments are customized for each individual and their needs. Drawing upon her inner guidance and outer teachings and lots of love, Dr. Deb's mission is to educate and empower folks for optimal health. Each of us has a deep knowing about our health, and Dr. Deb encourages patients to be more aware of their energy and thereby their health. 

"Energy medicine is my calling and I receive great joy when a patient thanks me and says 'I feel more like ME!'. Energy medicine heals from the inside-out and my mission is to assist folks as they create healing energy for their body, mind & spirit."                          Dr. Deb

KayaKalp is a sanctuary for holisitic healing. The name KayaKalp is an ancient sanskrit word meaning 'rejuvenation' or 'greening of the field' and holds a sacred vibration for healing and rejuvenation.

"Dr. Deb is an amazing healer. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she is also incredibly intuitive; she is always able to “tap in” and know exactly what I need."
                                N.C. McGimsey; Cumming, GA 

"I was amazed at the difference one session made in my energy level! I love it! I recognize without a doubt if you work with Dr. Deb you will experience a calm healing that will flow over into your everyday life for Dr. Deborah Hipp is a gentle soul and her healing compassion touches everyone she meets."            
    Teresa Ducoffe; Owner, Atlanta Colonic & Massage; Alpharetta, GA

Dr Deborah Hipp sepia tone sitting in cotton field

KayaKalp Acupuncture

Dr. Deborah Hipp, PhD, LAc


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