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integrative medicine

Chinese symbol with acupuncture needles and white flower

shonishin (needle-less)

moxibustion & cupping


Chinese supplements, essential oils on wooden bench
nutrition & lifestyle counseling

Chinese herbal medicine



Snow lotus essential oils on wooden bench


gemstone medicine


KayaKalp Acupuncture

Dr. Deborah Hipp, PhD, LAc


485 Huntington Road
Suite 195
Athens, GA 30606


ancient medicine
today's family

Dr. Debs treatments & encouragement have changed the way I think and feel. I have better clarity in making decisions, I'm less confused, not as easily irritated, I have so much more energy. To me, this is HUGE!! I don't look at life as a waiting game or the "what if's" anymore. I think about living and feeling well and being thankful. Life is full of miracles and I have found one at KayaKalp Acupuncture.
Barbara Collins; Atlanta, GA