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nutrition & lifestyle counseling

Nutritionist in Athens and lifestyle counseling in Athens, GA

Dr. Deb will work with you to find a healthy nutrition and lifestyle plan that works for you and adapts to your every day life. 

Nutrition counseling in Athens GA and lifestyle counseling in Athens, GA
It is our everyday living that impacts our health the most.  Dr. Deb has over 30 years of experience with nutrition, physical activity, obesity and lifestyle counseling that offers clear approachable tools for you, your family and your life. 

While Dr. Deb has an extensive Western medicine-- with a BS, MS, and PhD in nutrition and holds the clinical credential of RD (registered dietician), she integrates her Western knowledge of nutrition with wholistic approaches to health.  As a CDC expert in nutrition for over 20 years; Dr. Deb led national and international public health efforts as an authority on obesity, physical activity, and complementary & alternative medicine research. 

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